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New Project Announcement!

Skaman Sam Tyler (me!) has announced the start of a new project! I have decided to fill a large void in web-based software. I am tired of having to administer one web site for each type of media I would like to manage. Currently, I have a Coppermine site for photos, a Jinzora site for music, and no site at all for videos. I have been patiently awaiting a web-based media management application which will manage photos, videos and music in one site, but none has come. So I decided to start working on my own.
I am also using the amazing Ruby on Rails platform to build the site, and to learn the RoR platform itself.
If you want to learn more about this awesome product, please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog. I will be posting a lot of information on Rails, Ruby, and the ReMedial status here.
Stay tuned!


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